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I am a 6th generation Coloradoan born and raised in South Denver. Until my retirement, I was an Executive Assistant in the legal department of  a hospital system.

I was always proud of my Swedish heritage on my father's side but didn't really become interested in genealogy until I inherited a book detailing the lineage on my mother's side of the family. Upon realizing I was related to Sam Houston as well as eligible to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, I immersed myself into research.

I've been a member of Ancestry.com since 2005 and KCGS since 2015. I love reading about a battle or political event and thinking "I wonder what that might have been like for that ancestor". I've been particularly interested in the American Revolution and the involvement of my ancestors in the Civil War in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Visiting old cemeteries is a passion I'm often teased about.

Dawn Best has been a member of the Kenosha County Genealogy Society since 2011.

She has worked the last 25 year as a TS Technician for a local retailer. Besides genealogy, her free time is spent traveling, scrapbooking and taking care of her grandson. Dawn says it was her grandmother who got her interested in genealogy. Growing up she enjoyed looking at all her grandmother's photo albums of family pictures as well as all the newspaper clippings and other documents she saved.

Dawn now has inherited those photo albums and continues in her grandmother's footsteps learning and collecting everything she can about about her family.

 Vice President



Oren Simpson has been a member of the Kenosha County Genealogy Society since 2011.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs, from running a framing shop for the family, to buying wholesale produce for the University of Michigan co-op system, to making and selling jewelry at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  I trained as an architect at Ann Arbor and paid for my education by working as a union carpenter. For most of my adult career I was a designer-builder specializing in modifications for disabled people in Berkeley and Oakland, CA.

My genealogy training started in the early 50’s when my mother worked out her PTSD from the war years. She talked to me every weekday for 2 hours about the family. This lasted about 2 years. We had the hours of 9 to 11 AM every day, between the time she got up and when she went to work, and I went to day care. She gave me massive amounts of info.

I've spent the four years trying to verify or debunk what she presented. It's too bad she isn't alive to see the results.



When I was in high school, I was not interested in geography, US & WI history. Now, after many years . . .I just love it, including Kenosha history.

My maternal grandmother, my Dad's cousin's wife and now myself are really good at remembering dates of births, marriages, and deaths. I am very detailed oriented.

In 2005, I started with Family Tree Maker and I have been working on genealogy ever since!! I have the Kennedy's, Barrymore's, Obama's, Susan Sarandon's  family and Howen's to name a few in my tree.

I love watching TV shows such as "How the States Got Their Shapes", "Who do you think you are?", and "Find My Family". I like watching "Little House on the Prairie", and have researched the Ingall and Wilder families.

Over the years, I have had a few memberships to Ancestry.com. My interests include genealogy, photography, gardening, cemetery walking, and helping my family sell at flea markets  for almost 50 years!