Colonel Howe Knoll

3833 Eighth Avenue
Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, 53140 USA


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Burial site of the wife and infant child of Wisconsin pioneer, Garret Post (both, mother and child, died "last of" April 1836). The mother is believed to have been the FIRST known DEATH of a white settler (in Kenosha County, WI). The infant, the FIRST known BIRTH, and thus the FIRST known DEATH of a pioneer child within Kenosha County, WI.

The burials took place in late April of 1836 on land, later owned by, Colonel James Henry Howe [FAG #103830780], Civil War veteran (his estate, the house and land was sold to the St. John's Lutheran Church, of Kenosha, WI in 1910). See historical excerpt, below:

"About the last of April {ca. 1836} the first white native {1st child to be born} of the county saw the light, in the wretched, floor-less shanty of Garret Post, southeast of the present {ca. 1876} Hasting's place. It was not a birth of good omen, for the death of Mrs. Post, the first death in the county came a few days later, and the child soon followed the mother. They were buried on the knoll south of Col. Howe's present {ca. 1876} residence, which remained the little needed cemetery for two years {ca. 1836-1838}."

SOURCE: "Pioneer Life in Kenosha County" page 11, A Sketch by. H. M. Simmons, (Read at the Centennial in Kenosha, July 4, 1876).

Source: The Wisconsin Historical Society.
St. John's Lutheran Church: founded 1904. The early church members were Slovak immigrants who worshipped in members' homes. In 1910, the congregation purchased the estate of Colonel Howe, a Civil War veteran. The house was remodeled and served as their place of worship. A new church was built in 1933. [Contact data, ca. 2013: 3833 Eighth Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140, ].

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There is no "formal" cemetery on the present grounds of the church. Apparently, all other records of the burials of the mother and child have been lost to time. Indeed, the burials occurred before the site was owned by Col. Howe and thus, prior to being purchased by the church.

Note: remarks inside of {brackets} are those of FAG contributor #46567652 (the creator of this "cemetery" record and the 2 memorials). Note that there may have been other burials, but no other names have been found by this author.