Kenosha County Cemetery

88th Avenue

Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

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This cemetery is a "paupers'" cemetery. Burials occurred between the years of 1924-1972. It is located in Kenosha County, the Village of Pleasant Prairie. To find the cemetery, turn south off Highway 50, onto County Road "H". The cemetery will be on the east side of the road, near the power plant. If you plan to visit this cemetery, be extremely careful, as the ground is settling.

Because only the indigent and unknown are buried here, only two styles of tombstones are found. Early stones (1924-about 1928) are engraved with name and date of death. Later stones (1928-1972) were pre-fabricated cement stones (produced in bulk). After the stone was set, a metal plate was attached to the stone with the name and date of death. Many of these plates are now missing. In one corner of the cemetery, a line of unused stones remain. Although I did begin with a survey of the cemetery in May, 2003, this transcription is primarily based on actual burial records. The original records are held by the Kenosha County Clerk. Special thanks are due for providing copies from the record book. This project completed July 8, 2003.

Contributed by John Hewes,