Oakwood Cemetery

Hwy E and Hwy 31 (Green Bay Road)

Somers, Kenosha County, WI

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In the early 1840's, William "Billy" Smith owned all four parcels on the corners of Green Bay Road (Highway 31) and Highway E.  He donated three acres on the southeast corner to a newly formed Oakwood Cemetery Association.  According to an article in Kenosha News dated July 14, 1982, a prominent Somers resident, Leveret Leet, stated "history records that John Ozanne, son of the Rev. James Ozanne, a Methodist minister, farmer, and miller from the Island of Guernsey, was the first to be buried in the new cemetery in 1842."

For those of you who are working on family genealogy and pioneer family research information for Oakwood Cemetery in Somers, Wisconsin, you may find the Oakwood Cemetery website an excellent resource.

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