Old Saint Mark's Cemetery

9th Court
Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, 53143

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This cemetery is located on the SE corner of 9th Court and 78th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was established in 1848. It is not affiliated with the  current St. Mark Church but with the older St. James Church, which was originally St. Mark Church.

In 1834 Father Martin Kundig of Detroit was the official missionary for the village then known as Southport, saying Mass in his room when he was in the area.  At a meeting of 51 Irish Catholics on February 6, 1839, an appeal was signed for the formation of a congregation. During the following years, other priests served the congregation, helping it to grow and to begin soliciting funds for the erection of a Catholic church in Southport.

In 1843 Father Kundig, who was then the traveling Vicar General from Milwaukee, visited the congregation and took charge. He became the first pastor. Church lots were purchased at the cost of one hundred dollars, located where the present rectory stands. The parish incorporated under the name of St. Mark. The first Mass was celebrated in the partly finished church on September 29, 1844. The building was completed and dedicated on August 15, 1846.

When the building became too small for the congregation, a new church was built on the southeast corner of Wisconsin and Congress Streets, (now 58th Street and 10th Avenue). The parish was renamed St. James in honor of the patron saint of Father James Cleary, pastor at that time. The first Mass in the new church was celebrated on May 10, 1884. The dedication  was held on June 22, 1884. The present rectory was built on the site of the old St. Mark’s Church and completed December 31, 1886.

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