Vale Cemetery

96th Avenue

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Vale is a small cemetery named after the farm which once surrounded it and was platted in 1850.  Some headstones in the approximately 1-acre cemetery date to the Civil War and others indicate burials prior to Wisconsin gaining statehood in 1848.

The first person buried there is reported to have been John Vale's wife, Alice Vale, who died in 1848.

At some later date, the cemetery was turned over to the Town of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. In the 1970's, a boundary adjustment between the City of Kenosha and the Town of Pleasant Prairie placed the jurisdiction of the cemetery in Kenosha. As time went on it was quite poorly maintained, which lasted for many years. It is now cared for by the Kenosha Parks Department.

Many of the original markers have been destroyed through the years, some with age. Some are most likely buried under that northwest corner of dense vegetation, others are possibly buried inside an overgrown lilac bush. Yet others may have been covered over by grass and blown in silt. Just a few reasons why there are many unmarked burial sites.

Submitted by John Hewes, Dec 18, 2003 []. 

From Interstate 94, go 1/2 mile east on Highway 50. The cemetery is in the City of Kenosha at 95th Avenue and Highway 50, on the north side of the road.

John Hewes walked and read this cemetery on Jun 06, 2003.